Bakenekoya is owned and run by Artist Amy Clarke.

I am a sculptor from North Yorkshire, currently living and working in Northwich, Cheshire.  I create fantasy sculptures and Masks from one of a kind models to resin casts.

I am available for commissions, if you are interested please email me: [email protected]

What does Bakenekoya mean?

Bakenekoya is a Japanese word, it means the monster cat store.

*Bakeneko - Cat yōkai (spiritual beings) with supernatural abilities akin to those of the kitsune or tanuki.
 According to Japanese folklore, a cat may become a bakeneko by meeting any of the following three conditions:
 living over ten years of age
 reaching one kan (3.75 kg or 8.25 lbs) in weight
 growing its tail too long (An extraordinarily long tail may fork into two. This particular bakeneko is referred to as a nekomata).
 Once transformed, bakeneko gain a range of paranormal powers, these powers are used to haunt the household they live in.

 Bakeneko are also sometimes said to have the power to enter someone's dreams. There is a story about a Bakeneko who entered her owner's dream to tell her to manufacture its image in clay in order to bring her wealth.....

*taken from Wikipedia see the full article here